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Head to Zenxin Organic Park for a Fun Healthy Day Out

Head to Zenxin Organic Park for a Fun Healthy Day Out
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On our way back from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Lumpur, we passed by Zenxin Organic Park, which is a six-minute-drive off the highway after 50 minutes driving or so toward Kuala Lumpur (check location on google maps). The mixed reviews on TripAdvisor did not deter us as we thought it would be great to show the kids a real farm, and teach them something about organic farming and preserving the environment. We did not risk a lot since it was practically on our way, and having a rented car gave us the flexibility to alter our plans as we wished. Thankfully, we did not regret it at all!

There are so many things to do at Zenxin Organic Park, but due to limited time we chose the following activities:

1. Enjoy an Organic Breakfast at Zenxin Organic Park

The restaurant is located as soon as you walk into the park, on the right. It offers a good variety of food, and we were completely famished since we had not eaten breakfast yet. We had:

         – Fresh Juices:

  • Organic Mulberry Juice: This tasty juice was sweetened with honey, and packed with many nutrients and minerals including iron, vitamin C, potassium, and phosphorous. It’s good for digestive system and contains immune boosting antioxidants.
  • Guava Juice: Guavas are rich in vitamin C, lycopene and antioxidants, and they are as enjoyable to drink as they are delicious to eat!
  • Banana Smoothie with Chocolate: You can’t go wrong with these sweet fruits that are rich in potassium, vitamin B6, and manganese among numerous others. The antioxidant power of cacao adds to this drink’s potency, as well as to its appeal to young children!
  • Eggs: Fresh eggs from the hen to the pan! The eggs were delicious, and in addition to their health benefits, they keep you feeling full for longer, which was exactly what we needed given the long drive ahead of us!
  • Vegetarian Rojac: This enticing plate had apples, papaya and cucumbers, as far as I could make, tossed with some dark syrup (my guess that it contains brown sugar), sesame and some spices. The crunchy fruits were sweet and refreshing, and the spice from the syrup hits you just as you swallow, making this dish very entertaining to eat. We enjoyed it very much and we think you would too! Check the recipe here!
  • Broccoli Balls: Those were golden broccoli potato balls topped with pumpkin puree. Yummy!
  • Sweet Potato Puffs: We probably didn’t need the puffs after all we’d eaten, but they were delicious!

We wanted to try more items but our stomachs could only fit so much! We ended sampling only a few of the items on their extensive menu, and we loved every one! You might expect to pay a premium for organic food, but we ended up paying around 10 Malaysian ringgits per person—a very good deal!

2. Explore Zenxin Organic Park by Bicycle

One thing that the kids missed from home was their bikes. As soon as we learned that we could explore the farm on bikes, there was no turning back! We had fun riding our bikes around and exploring where they plant bananas, coconuts, as well as dragon fruit and mulberry greenhouses.

3. Play with the Animals at Zenxin Organic Park

The kids were delighted to interact with the animals, which included chickens, ducks and rabbits.

4. Shop for Organic Products at Zenxin Organic Park

A small on-site shop sells a decent selection of organic products, including the farm’s own organic brand, Simply Natural. They also sell fresh produce from the farm, including mulberries, passion fruit and organic eggs. I was excited to find several wild honey brands that you can sample before you buy. Being a fan of wild honey vs farmed honey; I could not resist the temptation, and walked out fully loaded with goodies!

We did not get around to doing all the activities on the farm; however, we really enjoyed our time there, with a great breakfast, good exercise, and some education on organic practices. The activities that we missed included:

  • Guided tour of the farm
  • Creating EM balls
  • Visit the herb garden
  • Make your own loofa body sponge
  • Catch fish from a small pond (and release them)
  • Create flower prints
  • Plat archery
  • Feed the fishes
  • Make your own curry puff
  • … and much more!

So if you’re looking for a fun and healthy day out with your family, check out Zenxin Organic Farm!