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Universal Studios Singapore (USS): A Fun Place for All the Family

Universal Studios Singapore (USS): A Fun Place for All the Family
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If there is a theme park that has something to offer every member of the family, it’s Universal Studios Singapore! Located in the touristy Sentosa Island of Singapore, this world-class theme park has ruthless rollercoasters for diehard fans, easy going merry-go-rounds for little toddlers, and everything in-between!

People heading to the Waterworld show at Universal Studios Singapore USS

The theme park is fun just to walk around, where you will meet with favorite movie characters such as Shrek and the little Minions! Though it is smaller than its counterpart in Orlando, it’s so easy to lose the sense of time in USS and feel like the day has ended before it even started!

Opening Hours and Tickets

Tickets are available on the official website here.

Tip: You can get them for a discount at Voyagin.

It’s best to buy them at least two days before your planned visit.
Normal opening hours are from 10am to 6pm.

Express Tickets: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Express tickets are available online, at the parks gate, and in many outlets inside the park. At 50 SGD per ticket, it’s a little pricy and adds up when you are a family. So you might wonder

  • Are they worth buying?
  • Should you wait until you get there and see if you need it?

Puss in Boots Giant Journey ride at Universal Studios Singapore USS

Both are very good questions. And the short answer is: it depends! The following points should help you though:

  • Express tickets are priced according to demand. They sell the first bunch at the cheapest price, 50 SGD, then they get more expensive. If you decide to buy them at the gate, you might find them already selling at 60 or 70 SGD. At midday, they can reach 80 or even a 100 SGD per ticket!
  • There is a limited version that allows you just one skipping per ride, and costs 30 SGD. This could be an option depending on what you want to do.
  • Weekdays are usually not as crowded and have shorter queues.
  • National and school holidays in Singapore as well as neighboring countries (especially China) affect the number of visitors.
  • Even with express tickets, queues can easily last over 30 minutes and even more for the popular rides on crowded days.
  • Rides get crowded at midday, and queues are usually shorter as soon as the park opens and 2 hours before it closes.

My advice: buy the express tickets before you go, or at least as soon as you get into the park to get them at the cheapest price. Even if the park is not too crowded, you will save precious time at the most popular rides, and you will be able to ride your favorite ones multiple times while others are waiting for their first try. Even with express tickets, it’s best that you arrive early, and head straight to the popular rides first!

Tips for Making the Most of Universal Studios Singapore

  • Buy tickets online before you go. Same-day tickets are subject to availability, and you will waste a lot of time in endless queues just to buy the ticket at the gate. Get it cheaper at Voyagin.
  • Opening hours vary. On certain dates, opening hours may be extended until 7 or even 8pm. Check the opening hours on the official website before you go, and plan accordingly.
  • Arrive early: make the best of your time by getting there before the crowds. Be there before the gates open at 10 am.
  • Popular rides: Head to the popular rides first, even with express tickets! The most popular ones are:
    • The two Galactica rollercoasters, which I rode with my 7 year old son multiple times. One of them (the Cyclone) is more exciting and flips 360 degrees five times. 120cm minimum height.
    • The Mummy ride: which is also a roller coaster in the dark. 120cm minimum height.
    • The Transformers ride: a virtual 3D ride with lots of special effects. 102cm minimum height.

      People having fun at the Galactica HUMAN roller coaster at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SIGNAPORE USS
  • Do not miss the Waterworld Show. Check the show time at the gate, and get there early to find a good vantage point.
  • Rent a stroller when you need it: You don’t need to bring a stroller with you if you will not use it all day long. Stroller rentals at the park allow you to rent it only when you need it.
  • Bring a cap/hat to protect you from the sun around midday.
  • Bring plastic ponchos with you from home for the rides that splash water; buying a poncho from USS costs a lot more. Try this Unisex Rain Poncho, or this Ultra-Lite Poncho.
  • Bring a change of clothes. Make sure to bring a change of clothes for the kids just in case they get too wet.