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Family Fun at Petrosains Science Discovery Center

Family Fun at Petrosains Science Discovery Center
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Petrosains Science Discovery Center is an interactive science discovery center located on the fourth floor of the KLCC Petronas Twin Towers. The 7,000sqm center is mostly dedicated to the field of petroleum science and particularly targets children. It presents science and technology in a fun and entertaining way and is good for a few hours of fun-filled activity.

The visit starts with a short train ride accompanied by an educational audiovisual that explains the importance of preserving natural resources. Inside the center, stations come into sections.

Petrosains Science Discovery Center

The place is a haven for children who love science, and for perfect for generating curiosity and eagerness to learn. The first displays are geared towards space, and you can pretend to be an astronaut by wearing the suit and putting on headphones that play the sound of space!

You will encounter plenty of interactive displays in the next sections that include wild life, prehistoric animals and science. The material science section is full of games and experiments that both children and grown-ups can try out for themselves and read about the science behind them.

The mini off-shore oil platform looks and feels just like a real one. The last section is only for motor cars—here, Petrosains show off their F1 Petronas car.

Petrosains Science Discovery Center
Petrosains Science Discovery Center



The entrance ticket price is 30 ringgits.

Tips to make the most of the Petrosais Center:

  • Get there early: Arrive before the crowds so the kids can enjoy more alone time on the interactive stations.
  • Avoid school holidays: The center get very crowded on school holidays.
  • Bring water with you: Refreshments are available for purchase inside but at a premium price.
  • Experience the Escape Column: At the oil rig, make sure you go upstairs to put on the safety suit and fall down the escape column.