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Farm in the City: A Miniature Interactive Zoo in Malaysia

Farm in the City: A Miniature Interactive Zoo in Malaysia
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I never thought I would go to a petting farm, let alone enjoy myself and have a good time. Turns out, I was wrong! It’s true that petting farms and small zoos will never have the diversity and variety of animals of a full-scale zoo. However, if you need to keep your children entertained, these miniature zoos offer a great advantage: an interactive experience with animals. That makes all the difference.

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Farm in the City: Location and Tickets

Farm in the City is conveniently located in Seri Kembangan, a 30-minute drive from KL Sentral station. Check the location here. Foreigners pay 48 RM per person, which we thought was expensive. Locals pay 32 RM.

A Truly Interactive Experience

Our experience at Farm in the City was unique. The staff is very friendly—they greet you and guide you with big smiles from the moment you show up at their gate. The place is very kid friendly. Most of the animals are not caged and are allowed to roam freely. We felt that the animals were cared for and this created a pleasant atmosphere. You are encouraged to touch and feed all the animals, which is what makes this place so fun. In some areas, food is provided to you by the staff, while in others it is available from vending machines.

Tip: Bring coins with you to buy animal food from the vending machines.

Top Activities

  1. Tortoise Feeding

    The first place will come to as you enter the miniature zoo is a Tortoise zone where you will find large and small tortoises. They are absolutely loveable especially when they run towards you (at their own pace of course) to see if you got any food for them. The staff will provide you with green veggies. Though a couple of them were not interested in food!

  2. Bird Feeding at the Aviary

    This was the kids favorite place in the petting zoo. They have all sorts of colorful parrots, ducks and peacocks. The staff provide you with seeds, and with some in the palm of your hand, the birds will fly to you. It’s so delightful to have a bird standing on your arm while eating from your hand.

  3. Feeding the Deer and Goats

    Our first instinct was that deer are very cautious in dealing with humans. We did not expect them to be as friendly. They came very close to us and allowed us to feed them, and were totally adorable.


  4. Fish and Swans in The Pond

    There is a large pond in the zoo. You can buy fish food from the vending machine and feed the colorful fish there. You can also feed the swans or simply watch them as they move in perfect sync


  5. Longkang Fishing

    There is a man-made stream where the kids can use small fishing nets to try to catch fish. At first this seemed too easy because the stream was very narrow and there were a lot of fish. But based on my experience, this can be quite challenging even for adults, and very rewarding when you finally manage to catch something!

  6. Walk Around the Plant Farm

    The plant zone has vegetables and fruits growing, as well as a water well. Some of the plants are very beautiful, such as the red medusa plant that is traditionally used for treating nosebleeds, burns and ulcers, and the ornamental balsam plant that features in the local cuisine.

  7. Bird Show

    There is an enjoyable bird show where the kids and parrots compete to guess which bowl has the coin after shuffling it. The show timings are at 11.30am and 3.30PM.

  8. Other Activities

    Other activities include feeding and riding ponies, playing with and feeding the hamsters, rabbits and chicks, watching the snakes and the iguana in the reptile’s zone, and much more!

All in all, we enjoyed the park very much and the friendly staff made our visit really pleasant. We were free to take photos with the animals everywhere, and there were no annoying photographers asking you to pose for money. Plants work as a great shade which helped us last longer without feeling tired. I highly recommend Farm in the City: there’s fun for everyone in the family!