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Dive into Sindbad Submarine, Hurghada

Dive into Sindbad Submarine, Hurghada
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Ever wondered what it’s like to be in a submarine? Now you can find out! Sindbad Submarine is the only fully submerged submarine in Hurghada, and operates around 6 trips every day.

The submarine trip starts from Sindbad Club Beach Resort (if you are traveling on your own, make sure you check because there are several resorts with similar names), otherwise they also provide a pick-up service that will take you from anywhere in Hurghada to the submarine venue and back. Click here for the exact location of Sindbad Club Beach Resort

The submarine is located in the open sea, so the first part of the trip takes you to the submarine via a boat. The boat looks somewhat rickety, but it’s a short trip (around 35 minutes) and ended up being rather pleasant. You can view the beautiful coastline from the deck while you cruise around the shallow coral-rich water.

Health Tip: take some healthy snacks and fresh or unsweetened juice with you, as they only provide high sugar fizzy drinks on the trip, and water.

You enter the submarine via two top openings where a vertical ladder leads you down through a shaft. Everyone is seated according to the numbers that are distributed at the start of the trip.

Tip: Wear anti-slip footwear for more safety as the ladder is usually wet and can be very slippery.

The submarine dives down and travels across a coral reef. A variety of fish and ocean life can be seen from the glass window.

In addition, a professional diver swims close to the submarine and feeds the fish, attracting even more.

The submarine passes by the debris of a sunken boat and we could see its ruins, populated with corals and marine life.

The coral reefs were not as colorful as we expected, but the varieties of fish that we saw made up for that and the kids just loved and enjoyed everything about this attraction!