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World Diabetes Day Walkathon

Date: November 13, 2015

Time: 15:00 - 21:00

Location: Aspire Park

World Diabetes Day Walkathon

The Qatar Diabetes Association in collaboration with Landmark Group have hosted a World Diabetes Day Walkathon. The event was held in conjunction with World Diabetes Day which falls annually on November 14.

The 24th World ITMA Congress

Date: November 16, 2015

Location: Sheraton Hotel

The 24th World ITMA Congress

In an effort to find solutions to reduce road traffic accidents, Doha held The 24th International Traffic Medicine Association (ITMA) World Congress. Hosted by the National Traffic Safety Committee in Doha, Qatar, the 2015 World Congress will provide a multidisciplinary network and forum for scientists and practitioners involved in traffic safety to interact with each other as well as exchanging ideas and information on the latest issues in this field.

This congress focused on the progress in traffic safety and traffic injury prevention and treatment in recent years, bringing in experts opinion, theories and techniques in order to promote traffic security and reduce the mortality and disability resulting from traffic injury in the world.

Health & Life have participated in the event in the interest of promoting health and wellness that aligns with traffic security and safe driving. The event commenced on December 16th and ended on December 18th.

26th Doha International Book Fair

Date: December 2, 2015

Location: Qatar National Convention Center

26th Doha International Book Fair

Qatar is holding its 26th annual Doha International Book Fair in which local and international publishing companies are able to showcase their books to Qatar’s citizens. The fair will kick off on December 2 and will run for a 10-day period until December 12. The event will be held in Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC). This year, Health & Life will be participating in the book fair as a Qatar based publisher. Health & Life will be showcasing all four published issues starting from Summer issue. The booth will also offer magazine and subscription offers at a discounted price.

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Event

Date: December 6, 2015

Location: Katara

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Event

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) launched a huge model of the human colon at an event ‘Be a man’ at Katara to raise awareness about colorectal cancer.

The model was made in the form of a tunnel where visitors can get inside, and as one progresses through the tunnel, the visitor can see various stages of colorectal cancer as shown on the linings of the colon.

Ooredoo Marathon 2016

Date: January 8, 2016

Time: 06:30

Location: Museum of Islamic Arts

Ooredoo Marathon 2016

In an initiative to engage Qatar’s community to lead a healthier lifestyle as well as raising money for charities, Ooreedoo is hosting its fourth annual Ooreedoo Marathon. This marathon is held on Friday, 8th of January and will feature a full marathon (42.195km), a half-marathon (21.0975km), 10K, 5K for juniors and adults, 3K and a 1K courses.

Participants will start from Museum of Islamic Arts (MIA) at 6.30 am and will go along the course of Corniche, with MIA as the finish line. Cash prizes and trophies will be given to the first six winners of 42K, 21K, 10K and 5K participants. Gift vouchers and trophies will be given out to the first ten winners of 3K and 1K courses.

All funds collected from entry fees will be donated to a range of charities.

NU-Q Healthy Weight Week

Date: January 19, 2016

Time: 11:30 - 13:30

Location: Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar

NU-Q Healthy Weight Week

Health & Life have collaborated with Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) in an effort to spread awareness on healthy body image. In a two-day session dedicated to giving students, staff and faculty of NU-Q and Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMU-Q) resources and information on healthy eating habits and facts on food industry, “Healthy Weight Week” aims to encourage Qatar Foundation (QF) community to be more conscious of their well-being.

Health & Life have presented informational brochures on food labels and the reasons behind the widespread obesity trend, working alongside QF nutritionist and wellness counsellors of NU-Q and CMU-Q. The event took place on December 19-20 in CMU-Q food court.

Run The World Festival 2016

Date: January 28, 2016

Time: 14:00-22:00

Location: Aspire Zone

Run The World Festival 2016

The Youth Company will be holding its annual Run The World Festival, an event aimed to to enrich the different experience for young people in Qatar in achieving and developing and empowering themselves. The festival will be centered around the themes of sports and culture and serves as a recreational and active platform for youth community in Qatar. This year, the festival will host a multitude of events ranging from fashion show and bazaar to sporting activities such as volleyball competition and street basketball.

The event is available for public and will take place in Aspire, behind Torch Hotel, on January 28-30. To view the complete list of activities taking place in the event, check their Facebook page!

Education City Career Fair

Start date: January 31, 2016

End date: February 1, 2016

Time: 10:00 - 17:00

Location: HBKU Student Center

Education City Career Fair

Health & Life will be participating in the 2nd annual Education City Career Fair. The EC Career Fair 2016 is a place where students explore career paths and get information about full/part-time positions, internships, training programs, sponsorships, graduate schools and more. Over 125 companies from different sectors of government will be in attendance.

The event will take place in HBKU Student Center on February 1-2.

Qatar National Sports Day 2016

Date: February 9, 2016

Get your sporting gears and put on your sneakers! The time of the year has come once more where Qatar’s residents will be out and about, being active and indulging in various sports. Established in 2011 as a national holiday by Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani , Qatar National Sports Day which annually falls on the second Tuesday of February, was created to encourage Qatar’s citizens to be more active.

This year, NSD falls on the 9th of February and like the previous years, many selections of activities are available for Qatar’s residents to partake in.