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Your Tweets May Predict Your Dieting Success

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Your Tweets May Predict Your Dieting Success
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No Diet Day – 6th May 2017

According researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, your diet success or failure can be predicted, at over 70% accuracy, by the types of things you post on Twitter. The study group consisted of people who had connected their Twitter account and My Fitness Pal (a calorie counting app). Researchers found that those who favored positive and motivational posts were more likely to be successful in their diet. These users tended to have a large network of friends and followers, and therefore a strong support system.

Dieting Success

They were also more likely to report on their progress, and share healthy recipes  and fitness tips. On the other hand, researchers found that users whose Twitter accounts showed more negative and anxious posts were not successful in meeting their diet goals. This analysis shows us the importance of a positive mindset in setting new healthy habits. So if you’re trying to lose weight, dieting is only part of the solution: you need a positive mindset too!