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Safer Greener Food Packaging

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Safer Greener Food Packaging
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Plastic is used in almost all food packaging. And it harms your health. This fact makes a new invention by Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers of 2016 particularly important. Professor FaribaDehghani, of the University of Sydney, and Director of ARC Food Processing Training Center, has invented a new technology that is a ‘greener’ approach to food packaging. Advanced Active Food Packaging prolongsfood’s shelf life by allowing less oxygen and water-vapor from penetrating the polymer used to package food. While some polymers may be biodegradable, they also contain harmful toxins, like polypropylene carbonate. By removing the impurities from plastic food packaging Prof. Dehghani obtained a naturally antibacterial surface. Good news for the health conscious—let’s hope this new greener plastic makes it to our shelves soon!