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Omega 3 Fish Oil Helps Fight Asthma

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Omega 3 Fish Oil Helps Fight Asthma
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World Asthma Day – 2nd May 2017

Scientists at the University of Rochester Medical Center have found that supplementing high quality Omega 3 fish oil can help treat asthma. So they found that Omega 3 fatty acids can reduce the production of antibodies that cause allergic reactions in those with mild asthma.

They also discovered that in patients with severe condition, the corticosteroids taken to treat the condition blocked the anti-inflammatory effects of Omega 3. While steroids are effective in treating it and its symptoms, they fail to address the underlying cause; and in some cases can even reduce the body’s natural ability to fight asthma-related inflammation.

Once ingested, Omega 3 fatty acids turn into mediators and stop inflammation without suppressing the immune system. Lead study author Professor R. Phipps stressed that not all fish oils are the same, and people should take care to buy high quality Omega 3 oils.

Also Omega 3 fatty acids can also be found in flax seeds, oily fish, and walnuts.