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Anti-aging Hormone May Hold Key for New Kidney Disease Treatment

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Anti-aging Hormone May Hold Key for New Kidney Disease Treatment
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World Kidney Day 2017 – 9th March

Just in time for World Kidney Day on 9th March 2017, a new study by scientists at King’s College London, published in the Journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, Diabetologia, has found a new marker to help diagnose diabetic patients with kidney disease. The study demonstrates that diabetics who are experiencing kidney disease in its early stages have low levels of an anti-ageing hormone called Klotho. Earlier studies have also proven Klotho’s protective effects against hypertension and heart disease. Monitoring levels of this hormone could help identify patients at high risk of kidney disease and cardiovascular issues. “For the first time, Klotho has been linked to kidney disease in Type 1 diabetes patients and this finding represents an exciting step towards developing new markers for disease and potentially new treatments,” said study author, Dr. Giuseppe Maltese. Further research will help better identify Klotho’s effect on heathy aging and longevity, and provide a new method of kidney disease diagnosis for diabetic patients.