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This Fruit Extract Makes Cancer Tumors Disappear in 7 Days (EBC-46)

This Fruit Extract Makes Cancer Tumors Disappear in 7 Days (EBC-46)
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The word cure and cancer don’t usually go together, but an Australian fruit might hold the answer to the global cancer epidemic. EBC-46, a molecule extracted from the berry of the Blushwood tree, which grows in the Queensland Rainforests, has been found to literally shrink tumors in a matter of days.

The scientists tested the extract on animals, and has made tumors disappear in just 48 hours! Human trials begun in 2016, and according to some sources, have already yielded positive results. When doctors told a trial participant with melanoma that she might face amputation. Instead, she received an EBC-46 injection: within 20 minutes, the tumor had gone purple; within 2 days, it had shriveled up and disappeared.

How does EBC-46 work?

EBC-46 works by triggering an immune response that activates blood cells to attack the tumor, shrinking it to nothing. So far, it has been used to treat solid cancers, such as skin cancer, cancers of the head and neck, and breast cancer. If further human trials prove safe and successful, EBC-46 could provide a whole new treatment option for cancer patients, particularly the elderly, for whom chemotherapy and surgery can be particularly tough.

According to Dr. Victoria Gordon of QBiotics, this is a unique drug with huge potential. After all, to surgically remove tumors requires surgeons and operating theatres. EBC-46 may offer a non-surgical, safe and natural cure to cancer.