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Quitting Smoking? Add These Foods to Your Diet!

Quitting Smoking? Add These Foods to Your Diet!
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If you’re thinking of quitting smoking, there’s good news: you could repair the damage smoking has done to your lungs just by making some small changes to your diet. Poor lung function is associated with an increased risk of mortality from other diseases, including heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. A study by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that natural lung function decline was slower in former smokers who ate a diet high in tomatoes and fruit, particularly apples.

What Does the Research Say about Quitting Smoking Diet?

The research demonstrates that certain nutrients found in fruits and vegetables can help repair lung damage. However, this protective effect wasn’t observed in processed foods containing fruits and vegetables (such as tomato sauce), but only with fresh fruits and vegetables. So, if you’ve quit smoking or are thinking of quitting; you can help your lungs heal and strengthen by adding raw fruits and vegetables to your diet. This can be as simple as having a fruit salad for breakfast, and adding a raw side-salad to your lunch or dinner.