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Flu Vaccine Cuts Heart Failure Risk for Diabetics

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Flu Vaccine Cuts Heart Failure Risk for Diabetics
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New research has discovered that flu vaccination may reduce the likelihood of Type 2 diabetics being hospitalized with stroke or heart failure. The research showed that patients who received the flu vaccine had a 24% lower death rate compared to patients who had not received it.

“This study suggests the vaccine may have substantial benefits for patients with long-term conditions. Not only might it help reduce serious illness such as stroke, and possibly heart attack, in high risk individuals, it may also reduce the risk of death in the flu season,” explains study lead author EszterVamos from Imperial College London. Type 2 diabetes goes hand in hand with uncontrolled blood sugar levels; these cause high blood pressure, putting patients at high risk of cardiovascular disease.

The study examined 124,503 British adults with Type 2 diabetes between 2003 and 2010. Around 65% of these patients received the flu vaccine. The research team found that in patients who were vaccinated there were 30% fewer hospital admission and 15% fewer admissions for influenza or pneumonia.