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Just One High Fat Meal Can Alter Metabolism

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Just One High Fat Meal Can Alter Metabolism
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The global obesity and diabetes epidemic is understood to be caused by, among other factors, high consumption of saturated fats. A new study by scientists at the German Diabetes Center, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, finds that eating just one meal with high levels of palm oil is enough to reduce the body’s sensitivity to insulin, result in fatty deposits in the body, and alter the liver’s energy metabolism.

Just one dose of palm oil alters liver metabolism.

Study participants—healthy, slim men—were given a flavored palm oil drink containing the same amount of fat as two cheeseburgers and a large portion of French fries. Scientists observed changes in liver metabolism similar to changes seen in people with diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). NAFLD can result in severe liver damage and is associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome.

“The surprise was that a single dosage of palm oil has such a rapid and direct impact on the liver of a healthy person and that the amount of fat administered already triggered insulin resistance”, said scientist Prof. Dc. Michael Roden. This research sends a warning about the consequence of regular consumption of high fat, processed foods.