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New Non-Pharmaceutical Approach to Lower Back Pain

New Non-Pharmaceutical Approach to Lower Back Pain
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Lower back pain is the leading global cause of disability. And the second most common reason people go to their doctor! But new guidelines for lower back pain management mean doctors won’t be so quick to prescribe opioid pain medication. While it might be more cost effective in the short term, these medicines are not a long-term or a sustainable solution. Instead, The UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and the American College of Physicians encourage doctors to recommend alternative ways to manage your pain. If you have early onset lower back pain, you may be advised on how to stay active and non-drug pain relief techniques such as heat and massage. For pain that started over several months ago, yoga, exercise, mindfulness, acupuncture and spinal manipulation may be advised. According to Dr. Traeger, lead author of a review on lower back pain management practices published in the Canadian Medical Journal, “These revisions to major international guidelines should see changes to practice worldwide.” There are concerns over how this will work with health budgets, since painkillers are often an easier and cheaper, if short-term, solution. The challenge will be to make holistic, alternative care affordable and available.