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A New Way to Treat HIV/AIDS?

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A New Way to Treat HIV/AIDS?
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World AIDS Vaccine day – 18th May 2017

Researchers at the University of Nebraska have used a new technology called LASER ART (long-acting slow effective release antiretroviral therapy) to discover a way to store drugs directly into cells. This discovery enables conventional drugs that patients usually take daily into once-a-month dosing. Getting people to take medication every day can be difficult and significantly reduces patients’ quality of life. Also LASER ART enables the drug crystals to reach destinations in deep tissues and blood, and protects the drug from being metabolized by the liver and excreted. This new formulation of injectable drug opens up a storage area inside cells; the body will maintain and use the drug over a longer period of time; thus extending the intervals between medication dosing. This in turn could bring the medicine in parts of the body where it is most needed; and accelerate the clearance of the virus. The new discovery could revolutionize current treatment for HIV/AIDS by extending the actions of anti-viral medicines.