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50% of Global Population Short-sighted by 2050

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50% of Global Population Short-sighted by 2050
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Half the world’s population will be myopic by 2050, according to a study published in the journal Ophthalmology in February 2016. This significant increase has been attributed to environmental factors; spending less time outdoors and more time glued to a screen, be it for work or play, has a damaging impact on eyesight. The study’s findings shine a light on a major public health concern, with the authors encouraging the development of comprehensive eye care services and measures to protect children from short-sightedness. “Strategies may include increased time outdoors and reduced time spent on near based activities, including electronic devices that require constant focusing up close,” said co-author Professor Kovin Naidoo. Indeed, reducing phone use, internet browsing and social media checking in favor of more natural activities such as using your eyes to look out towards the horizon, watch your children play or speak to a friend face to face can only benefit your eyesight.