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Kick-start Your Fitness
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Would you like to have a great body and know how to defend yourself? You can, by learning kickboxing! This sport will give you the strength, skills and ability to defend yourself and fight back, should you ever need to. Although it is considered a rough sport, and not very well known in the Arab world, it is one of the best sports to tone up the body.

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Kickboxing is a mix of boxing, taekwondo and karate. It combines boxing’s targeted hand movements and the lower body moves used in martial arts. It took off in the United States in the 70s and has since gained popularity and spread around the globe on a large scale.

Because it does not have strict rules, kickboxing allows for more freedom for both coaches and trainees to have more fun and focus on what they want out of the training sessions.

There are multiple types of kickboxing. Full-contact, light-contact, semi-contact, low kick, K1, music form, and oriental kickboxing are among the most popular. What is interesting is that every one of these types serves a specific purpose for those who train. Each has particular moves unique to its type.

Marina Kuipers, a kickboxing coach at Razor Martial Arts and Fitness in Qatar, believes the sport does more than just tone the body and build muscles—it also has mental health benefits. Many of those who come to Razor feel like a big weight has been lifted off their shoulders after training.

“I started training ladies by accident. My daughter was bullied at school, which made her want to take self-defense classes. I loved the idea and took up kickboxing training and now I train women to protect themselves,” says Kuipers. “I teach ladies self-defense, and also inspire them to overcome life’s hurdles. Kickboxing makes them stronger physically and mentally, which gives them the courage to make decisions that they never thought they could make.”

Razor Martial Arts and Fitness caters to young people as well. There are specialized classes teaching children the basic kickboxing techniques. These are designed to help increase their strength and teach them self-defense moves to build their confidence.

Mariam trains at Razor Martial Arts and Fitness—kickboxing had a huge impact on her life. “Kickboxing allowed me to be fitter than I have ever been, even when I practiced other sports. It has made me a stronger person and boosted my confidence.”

“The training comes in different stages, there are moves that strengthen your core and your arms, others to strengthen and tighten the legs with many types of kicks. We sometimes incorporate kicks and punches in one move,” says Marina.

Kickboxing benefits:

  • Burns a ton of calories and melts away the pounds.
  • Kickboxing involves plenty of arm and leg movement, which raises the heart rate. This kind of cardiovascular exercise can help lower your blood pressure.
  • Relieves stress, anxiety and depression. You can release all that pent up anger through your kicks and punches.
  • Tones and strengthens all the body’s muscles.

There you have it. Kickboxing is a great full-body work-out that will teach you self-defense—get a fit body and discover a new way to release tension and have fun while exercising. Why not try a class today?