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Exercising May Improve Your Vision

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Exercising May Improve Your Vision
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Good news for the bespectacled! If you are tired of your glasses but are too afraid to get Lasik surgery, there is a new silver lining of hope for you. A study published in Current Biology in December suggests that moderate physical activity positively affects the plasticity of the adult visual cortex. Our brain elasticity is at its best during our infancy and declines as we get older, affecting our sensory neurons in particular. In their study, the researchers asked the participants to wear eye patches, then measured their visual strength after a brief exercise. They discovered a significant increase in the neuroplasticity of the brain, which led to a short-term improvement of visual strength in the patched eye after exercise, in comparison to a stationary activity.[1] These results pave the way towards potential therapy and treatments to help adults with visual disorders to recover. In addition, the study suggests that exercise is key to your overall wellbeing, as well as your health!