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6 Tips for Resolving Conflict in Your Relationship

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6 Tips for Resolving Conflict in Your Relationship
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If you are serious about having a relationship that works, it is important to make an effort and be willing to change. Here are a few tips to help you avoid serious conflicts in your relationships:

Deal with Issues

It is important to deal with issues as soon as they come up. Quick action prevents petty issues from growing into bigger problems. Make sure you sit down and talk with your partner, instead of staying silent and letting things fester.

Be Open

You may believe you are right and that your partner must conform to your point of view, but this is a recipe for disaster. It is important to keep an open mind and listen to your partner’s opinion. Sharing ideas and a different point of view will help you both grow and discover new ways of thinking. It also creates a deeper understanding that will bring you closer together.

Prepare to Compromise

If you are serious about avoiding conflict, you will need to compromise. You don’t have to back down every time, or back down completely, but you should meet your partner half-way even if it hurts your ego. Such is the price of a healthy relationship.

Apologize When Necessary

If you avoid apologizing, even when you know you are wrong, you need to rein in your arrogance. It is critical to apologize when you are wrong. Saying you’re sorry helps diffuse conflict and helps you grow as a person. Your apology will also encourage your partner to do the same when they are wrong.

Consider Walking Away

If you feel a conflict is gathering momentum and may explode into an argument, consider walking away. Giving your partner and yourself time to calm down is a way to prevent passionate negative emotions from destroying a relationship. However, don’t just storm out; make sure you both understand that you’re just stepping away to breathe deeply and you will return to continue the discussion more calmly.

Concentrate on Communication

All too often we split our attention between the people and the distractions around us. Mobile phones, the Internet, TV, computers games and more vie for our attention, meaning the important people in our lives can struggle to be heard. Dedicate quality time to listening to your partner and show genuine interest in the highs and lows of their day. Turn off distractions, put down the paper and take some time to really listen. What you hear might surprise you.

If you are serious about having a healthy relationship where conflicts are resolved amicably, it is important to grow together and practice skills such as good communication to help your relationship improve and grow.