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A Sense of What You Want from Life Helps You Live Longer

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A Sense of What You Want from Life Helps You Live Longer
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A study in Psychosomatic Medicine published in December suggests that individuals with a sense of self-purpose tend to live longer than those who have none.[1] Using meta-analysis, researchers collected data from over 136,000 participants aged around 67, mainly from US and Japan, and analyzed their data using a questionnaire about their sense of purpose in life. Over the course of seven years, more than 14,000 participants suffered heart attacks, while around 4,000 experienced heart attack symptoms. The data collected suggests that the mortality rate of individuals who have high purpose in life is 20 percent lower than those who do not. This is because illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and stroke are highly linked to stress and negative psychosocial factors. Feeling content and fulfilled can help reduce your stress levels, which may protect you from an impending heart attack!