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Can You Rewire Your Brain to Feel at Peace?

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Can You Rewire Your Brain to Feel at Peace?
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Imagine feeling completely at peace, motivated and energized—what a great way to begin each day! If you’re stressed and overwhelmed by your work and family commitments, we have some good news: you can banish stress and discover a calmer, more centered you by re-tuning your brain.

We sent our Content Manager, Amna Elsaka, to try a new type of relaxation: brain rewiring at the new Brain Education Station in the exquisite Six Senses Spa.

We all hear about how important it is to relax, but few of us really know how to do it. Especially people like me, “workaholics” who like to be extremely active and can’t stand the idea of sitting down and taking it easy.

I’ve never particularly cared for spas and resorts—it seems money wasted on pastimes you can easily do for free, like going to a beach or sitting by a pool. Qatar is a peninsula, surrounded by natural cliff formations, limestone ridges and sandy beaches. That is where I am drawn to if I need to relax. When it comes to massage parlors and salons, the most I go for is a 45-minute hair appointment, and even that feels like eternity!

So, when I heard about this new relaxation technique, I wasn’t sure it was right for me. That said, I love trying new things and so I was excited to attend a private introductory session with Master Mohammed and Master DaAe from Brain Education Middle East.

I was greeted by friendly staff and a beautiful rustic interior, like an old Bedouin style home. The sound of the water fountain and the spicy smell of fresh ginger instantly made me feel relaxed. I was looking forward to diving into something different.

During the session, I was better able to understand what my brain focuses on when I feel under pressure—more on intuition and compassion than logic. I also learned that’s not a bad thing, since I am confident enough in my intuition to trust it. This is an insight I did not expect from such a short time.

Throughout the first part of our session, I kept making jokes—that’s my usual reaction to being a bit nervous. But when we got to the stretching and relaxation part, I was feeling much more open and comfortable being quiet with Master DaAe. She soothed me with affirmations that she asked me to repeat. “I am strong; I am beautiful” The more I repeated those, the more I relaxed.

The final part of the session involved a massage, to help release tensions and relax the muscles. I found my tear ducts also relaxed! I relaxed so much that the thought of it being over brought me to tears and I was so grateful to release some of that pent-up energy. The relaxation was so intense that I felt extremely comfortable letting go of those deeply hidden emotions.

I recommend this to anyone who feels tense at work or at home. This is much better than therapy for those who don’t like to talk about their feelings! All it takes is one session!

After my session, I sat down with Master Brain Educator, Mohammed Abu Zeinab, to delve deeper into the various levels of brain education.

Smart Brain Diagnostics – How Does it Work?

The first thing we do is an assessment with a smart brain consultation patented device that measures EEG waves and neurofeedback. This reads the sound of your brain and measures what it’s trying to tell you. The best way to hear the brain is through the waves it emits, from the beta waves all the way down to the deepest theta waves. From that we can tell how your mind is processing cognitively with thought, and how your brain is functioning and managing your emotions. It shows whether there is something stagnant, that needs to be processed, or something you’re holding on to on the deepest level. It also shows us your autonomous or body function, and this gives us an idea of how your brain is coping with stress levels, relaxation levels, etc.

To evaluate your behavioral patterns more thoroughly, we ask you about your day to day emotions, for example what kinds of decisions you make, how resilient you are or your reactions to different situations or surroundings. These are all indicative of the kind of person you are. But it is not a permanent evaluation. People change all the time. If you were to take this test now, you would see different results.

The goal of these sessions is to show that you have a choice. It is this moment to moment choice that gives you the power to make whatever you want happen. Your brain has more power than you realize.

Is that what I experienced today?

Because brain and body are connected, we can access parts of the brain through the body. We do this by using a meridian based treatment or exercises based on ancient Korean principles where we open up the body so that the mind can return to a state of balance. You experienced a form of relaxation where your mind went into a parasympathetic state, where it can rest and release everything it doesn’t need. That’s the alpha state—it’s like the sleep state, or homeostasis, where physiological and emotional symptoms are processed and released. The brain education helps prepare your body to prime your mind to be in that state. The introductory session is necessary for you to get a handle of what that looks like. So when you come into class you already know a little about what to expect.

I was eager to know more about the classes they had to offer and how I could exercise my mind and my body at the same time. I had had a very positive experience and I wanted more.

What classes do you offer?

The class we recommend for newcomers is our vibration, or BE-Vibe,</strong class, on Mondays. It is a fun-filled class, where you are encouraged to shake off all that negative energy with music, sound and rhythm. It’s great exercise because there are so many ways you can move your body, from tapping to stretching to shaking to twisting and swinging. This helps loosen up the joints and all the muscular and skeletal tensions, so your circulation improves and you’re in that prime condition where you have a warm body and cool mind. This enables you to let go of all you no longer need, allowing your body to fill up with the abundant energy that is all around. That sets you up for the relaxation part—we do positive mind-set and emotional reaffirming. You can begin to generate your goals, your dreams, and your visions in that relaxation. Kind of like what we did together earlier.

Another class is BE FUNdamentals, where you will learn the basic energy principles and open up the body to release tension and negative emotions. It involves deep stretching, breathing, meditation and energy awareness training. The first part is a deeper meridian stretching, followed by breathing postures and a calming or energizing brain meditation. The breathing postures help to boost blood circulation and circulate energy through the body. Perfect for people who have had a long hard day and need to re-energize.

At the Sheraton, I teach a form of tai-chi that’s brain education specific, called “Dahn Mu Do,” which looks a bit like Qi Gong. It is a moving meditation, non-laborious and suitable for any age group, young and old. You begin by shaking up all the joints in the body before a moving meditation where you become more mindful of your whole body. Through the various postures, you can release stagnant energy, because different parts of the body take care of different kinds of emotions. It’s all about finding a way to recover and come back to your true self.

These are our community classes. But we also offer personal, tailored sessions, including Tai Chi (Dahn Mu Do). We run classes for internal gut health, because the gut is very much connected to the brain. You can do all of that with us in a private setting. We also host monthly corporate and public workshops, where it’s all about finding and recovering your true self. When you have that sense of self, you somehow grow more empathetic and understanding towards others. Our classes are a great tool for building positive mindset in the workplace and for fostering harmonious relationships.

Can you tell us about some of your clients?

We work with Qatar Cancer Society by offering education and training to their staff and their patients. Our methods have resulted in significant improvements in quality of life, reduction of fatigue and reduction in anxiety, which is a big thing for cancer patients. We help our corporate clients find inner peace and calm in their executive decision making. Other organizations that have experienced our education include HSBC, CBQ, Dolphin Energy, Al Jazeera Network, and Qatar Petroleum.

Our corporate workshops are the most powerful and effective, because we’ve found a way of harmoniously marrying information with practical experience and application. We help employees find strategies to better understand and communicate with each other, this way creating a productive and pleasant work environment.

How long have you been running Brain Education?

It originated around 37 years ago in Korea. About 15 years ago our founder moved the education to the US and from there it has grown. We have about 600 centers worldwide, offering help to anyone from kindergarten children, high-schoolers, young professionals, senior citizens and those with special needs. Our Qatar center opened its doors in June. Six Senses Spas recognized we offered a unique program and suggested we set up a hub with them. This is a perfect partnership—pioneering health & wellness. Our vision is ambitious, and covers the whole Middle-East. Imagine a balanced brain, that loves challenges, wants to be creative, but most of all desires peace, not just in an ideal sense but as a wider feeling too. We want to deliver this to as many people as we can.

[Disclaimer: the opinions and views expressed in this article are those of Brain Education and do not necessarily reflect H&L’s views.]

The Six Senses Spa is located at Sharq Village and Spa.
Sessions are mixed, however Women-Only sessions are available on request. Contact the Spa for more information and to discuss options.