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QCS Participates in EEMEA Conference, Morocco

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QCS Participates in EEMEA Conference, Morocco
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Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) recently participated in the Experience Exchange Middle East and Africa (EEMEA) Conference organized by Roche in Morocco for patient organizations.

Dr. Muhannad Adnan, a consultant at QCS, presented a paper highlighting QCS’s role in raising awareness of cancer, and its mission and vision. He noted that in addition to supporting patients and their families, it requires the collective knowledge, skills and experience to create a generation that doesn’t fear cancer. He highlighted QCS’s extensive collaboration and network building, illustrated by projects such as the establishment of Ooredoo Cancer Awareness Centre with the support of Ooredoo Telecom Company.

The paper pointed out QCS’s experience in organizing international conferences, like the Breast Cancer Conference, to stay abreast of the latest developments in the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer.

QCS has also launched a survivor booklet under the name “Story of Hope” which highlights the role of cancer survivors in raising awareness about cancer and letting people know it is a treatable disease if discovered in the early stages.