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Proceeds of “Despite the Pain” Dedicated to Cancer Patients

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Proceeds of “Despite the Pain” Dedicated to Cancer Patients
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Al-HaqbaniNamed Ambassador for the Fight Against Cancer

Qatar Cancer Society(QCS)participated in a book-signing for Saudi Arabian young writer Sharifa Al-Haqbani, for her book “In Spite of Pain… Hope Remains.”Al-Haqbaniis acancer survivor and writes about her experience battling the disease.The book signing was held inthe Ministry of Culture and Sports booth at the 27th Doha International Book Fair, inthe presence of HE Dr. Sheikh Khalid bin Jabor Al Thani, Chairman of QSC .

Dr. Khalid confirmed Sharifa Al-Haqbani’s appointment as Honorary Ambassador for the fight against cancer in the State of Qatar and as Head of the Gulf Union Against Cancer at the Gulf Cooperation Council. He also stated a plan to re-print the book in Qatar and announcedthe proceeds of the sales will be donated to cancer patients.

He expressed his happiness tosee such a bright model giving hope toall those around herand confirming that cancer does not necessarily mean death—a concept which has long since been firmly engrained in the minds of many.
Shafira Al-Haqbani spoke of her experiencewiththe disease and how she managed to overcome it with patience and strong determination. The diagnosis was a shockto her family, who supported her in coping withthis difficult time.

She said, “Cancer has taught me that no matter how long a disease lasts without cure, and no matter how hard it gets, it will be cured with prayers and hope. Cancer taught me to smile, because every smile eased some pain, and being optimistic can cure any ailment.”