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Tasty Hummus Dip Recipe

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Tasty Hummus Dip Recipe
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These mouth-watering dips are an easy, delicious and healthy way of packing more fibre into your diet. Try them as an appetiser or carry them with you to have as a tasty snack. Bursting with fresh flavours, these dips will be a favourite for adults and children alike. Chickpeas are packed with both soluble and insoluble fibre; half a can contains 12.5g of fibre, half the recommended daily intake.


Pair these dips with vegetable sticks — carrots, cucumber and celery are great options — and take them with you on the go.


Use the dips as a spread to replace mayonnaise or butter in pittas, wraps and sandwiches.


Getting your family to eat healthy food has never been so easy — place a couple of dips on the table and watch the veggies disappear!