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What Makes A Healthy Diet?

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What Makes A Healthy Diet?
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Are you confused about all the information concerning what you should be eating? There is so much conflicting advice online, everyone seems to be saying something different. Read on to discover simple information that will help you understand what to eat for optimum health, and why.

You Are What You Eat

The foods you choose to eat have a direct impact on your body. Processed food contains many ingredients not found in nature; additives and chemicals designed to “improve” the flavor of food but that do not provide any nourishment, and in many cases actually damage your health. Your body needs specific nutrients to function at its best. Let’s explore what they are and how easily you can include them in your diet.

Micro and Macronutrients

Macronutrients are nutrients that provide energy and structure for your body. Macro means large, so macronutrients are nutrients your body needs in large quantities. On the other hand, micronutrients are essential for growth and development, and vital for human function. Micro means small, and micronutrients are nutrients your body needs in smaller quantities. Read on to find out how these different nutrients benefit your body and boost health. You can find information on micronutrients here.

Essential Macronutrients


It’s Easier Than You Think

Let’s go back to basics. Your body needs nutrients, both macro and micro, to function at its best. By better understanding what your body needs, you can make the right choices for your health. You can’t go wrong with a diet high in fruit, vegetables, beans, lean meat and fish. Processed foods do not contain the nutrients you need to be healthy. In fact, they contain many ingredients that contribute to making you feel unwell. Through understanding how to nourish your body and gradually making positive changes in your diet, you can greatly improve your mental and physical health. What’s your next meal going to be?