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Healthy Breakfasts Help Your Child Learn More

Healthy cereal breakfast with red fruits.
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Healthy Breakfasts Help Your Child Learn More
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Researchers at Cardiff University, England, published their study in the Journal of Public Health in November[1] correlating healthy breakfasts and improved learning outcomes. The study of 5,000 children aged 9 to 11 was carried out over 18 months. The results clearly show a direct and positive link between educational attainment and eating a healthy breakfast. The research indicates that children who miss breakfast are significantly less likely to do well in tests compared with those who eat a good breakfast. The impact of food on cognitive functions, including concentration, has already been established in previous studies; however, this study specifically demonstrates the link between breakfast and test results.
To help your child reach their fullest potential, start their day with:

  • Some simple carbohydrates for quick energy (fresh fruit is best and tastes sweet)
  • Combined with some complex carbohydrates (grains like oats, quinoa or rice)
  • Add some protein (eggs, yoghurt, nuts)

Avoid sugar-sweetened cereals because they cause energy to peak and drop quickly. Some whole grain cereals are OK, but you need to read the labels very carefully to check for hidden sugars. How about trying some delicious rice flour pancakes with fresh fruit, yoghurt and a sprinkle of nuts — the whole family will love them. Providing your child with snacks, like dried fruit, can also help them keep their energy levels up during the school day.