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Eat Fat to Burn Fat

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Eat Fat to Burn Fat
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Researchers at Massey University’s School of Sport and Exercise Science have revealed that changing your diet influences how easily your body switches between the two different fuel sources: carbohydrate or fat.[1] While their research was conducted on elite athletes, it has huge implications for the rest of the population. The research focused on increasing athletic endurance ability by cutting carbs and increasing fats several days before big events, switching their body to the more sustainable fat burning mode and increasing performance efficiency by a massive 20 percent. Eating carbohydrates increases insulin, which signals to the body to store fat, so it makes sense that to burn fat you need to get your body into fat burning mode. By eating fat you prepare the body to break down (or digest) internal fat. So for those of you trying to lose weight, get rid of the sugar-filled low-fat foods and instead seek out natural healthy fats in nuts, avocados, oily fish and even dairy to kick start your fat burning!