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Coconut Oil: A Wonderful Gift from Nature

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Coconut Oil: A Wonderful Gift from Nature
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Known in some parts of the world as ‘The Tree of Life’, the coconut tree provides us with a fruit whose benefits extend beyond its delicious taste. Discover coconut oil’s beautifying and protecting properties for your skin and hair.

A Gift from the Tropics

First of all, Coconut oil is one of the most common ingredients in naturopathic medicine, used to protect and soothe dry skin. It can quench dehydrated, chapped or cracked skin and works especially well on sensitive spots; it also provides effective, nourishing protection to thirsty skin.

Beneficial Properties of Coconut Oil for Skin

  • Encourages skin cells to repair themselves in a process called re-epithelialization.
  • Rich in antioxidants, which dramatically reduce the signs of aging.
  • Promotes collagen cross-linking, which strengthens skin.
  • Contains powerful antifungal and antimicrobial properties, which effectively fight infections.
  • Rich in vitamin E, which nourishes and hydrates dry skin.
  • Provides a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of around eight.

Skin Food

You can apply pure, unrefined coconut oil to your skin a few times each day, or as needed. Due to its chemical composition, the oil is readily absorbed into the skin. You can find numerous beauty products on the market containing this healing oil, but be sure to pick those with minimal processing to ensure you get the full effect of its many benefits. You can also easily and quickly make your very own beauty oil in the comfort of your kitchen.

For a natural solution to dry, rough, aging, uneven or damaged skin, try this simple recipe to relieve, soothe and protect your skin.

Coconut Recipe

Hair Food

For centuries, coconut oil has also been used as a hair treatment, thanks to its rich nutrient content and ability to actually penetrate the hair. The deep penetration achieved by the polar nature of the oil protects the hair shaft itself, preventing the moisture dependent swelling which typically leads to damage.

The oil is well known for its ability to:

  • Repair damaged hair and prevent further damage
  • Condition and strengthen hair
  • Prevent hair loss by reducing hair breakage
  • Eliminate dandruff due to its anti-fungal properties
  • Repel head lice and reduce infestations

So if your hair is dry or frizzy, rub a small amount of coconut oil between your palms and apply it lightly to smooth and tame your mane.

Choose the Best Oil

Although the word ‘refined’ seems to imply a superior product, unbleached, unfiltered and unrefined coconut oil is better by far. Also the refining process removes or destroys most of the beneficial properties of the oil. Unrefined coconut oil, sometimes labeled as virgin coconut oil, contains many healthful compounds and has been used to heal and treat skin for centuries.

Natural Beauty

Coconut oil really is a magnificent beauty-boosting product. This miracle oil with well-established and scientifically proven benefits for your skin and hair could be a vital addition to your daily natural beauty regime.